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Using the Paste Special dialog box
FIGURE 14.20
The Paste Special dialog box
Excel actually has several different Paste Special dialog boxes, each with different options. The one displayed
depends on what’s copied. This section describes the Paste Special dialog box that appears when a range or cell has
been copied.
For the Paste Special command to be available, you need to copy a cell or range. (Choosing Home ➪ Clipboard ➪ Cut
doesn’t work.)
All: Pastes the cell’s contents, formats, and data validation from the Windows
Formulas: Pastes values and formulas, with no formatting
Values: Pastes values and the results of formulas (no formatting). The
destination for the copy can be a new range or the original range. In the latter case, Excel
replaces the original formulas with their current values.
Formats: Copies only the formatting
Comments: Copies only the cell comments from a cell or range. This option doesn’t
copy cell contents or formatting.
Validation: Copies the validation criteria so the same data validation will apply.
Data validation is applied by choosing Data Data Tools Data Validation.
All Using Source Theme: Pastes everything, but uses the formatting from the
document theme of the source. This option is relevant only if you’re pasting
information from a different workbook, and the workbook uses a different document theme
than the active workbook.
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