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Working further with comments
For even more formatting options, right-click the comment’s border and choose Format
Comment from the shortcut menu. Excel responds by displaying the Format Comment dialog
box, which allows you to change many aspects of its appearance, including color, border,
and margins.
You can also display an image inside a comment. Right-click the cell and choose Edit
Comment. Then right-click the comment’s border and choose Format Comment. Select the
Colors and Lines tab in the Format Comment dialog box. Click the Color drop-down list
and select Fill Effects. In the Fill Effects dialog box, click the Picture tab and then click the
Select Picture button to specify a graphics fi le. Figure 14.25 shows a comment that contains
a picture.
FIGURE 14.25
This comment contains a graphics image.
Working further with comments
Comments are there to present information, and you need to know how to read and display
comments. Here are additional key actions you’fill perform with comments:
Reading comments: To read all comments in a workbook, choose Review
Comments Next. Keep clicking Next to cycle through all the comments in a
workbook. Choose Review
Previous to view the comments in reverse order.
You can also access the Page Setup box from the Print panel of Backstage view.
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