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Getting Help
If you want to search from outside an office application, in Windows 8, select the Search charm by pointing to the
bottom-left corner of your screen, and then clicking the top charm that appears. Click Files in the Search pane at
left, type all or part of the i le name in the text box, click the Search button if needed, and then click the name of the
i le to open at left. In Windows 7, click the Start button and then click Search programs and i les in the left column of
the menu. Then type the name of the i le to i nd. In the list of matches that appears, click the i le to open.
Getting Help
Program features sometimes can seem a little obscure, and because the interface has been
heavily redesigned in the Microsoft Offi ce 2013 applications, you may get stuck from time
to time when you’re trying out a feature that you don’t use every day. If you don’t have this
book handy, it’s time to turn to another resource — the Help system for the application
that you’re using.
Browsing Help Contents
Regardless of whether you have an Internet connection, you can explore and browse the
basic Help that is installed with each of the Offi ce applications. With an Internet
connection, you can also search Offi, a repository containing further topics as well as more
up-to-date information. To open the application’s Help window, click the round question
mark button above your user name in the upper-right corner of the application window or
press F1.
The Help window for the program appears and lists popular searches and a few general
help categories under Getting started. (Clicking the More button to the right of this title
launches your system’s web browser and displays an online support location you can
search.) Click on a category such as Learn Word basics to view the Help information (see
Figure 1.14). To move around to additional topics, click additional links. When you see the
topic you need, you can click the Print button to print it.
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