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Hiding and showing comments: If you want all cell comments to be visible
(regardless of the location of the cell pointer), choose Review Comments Show
All Comments. This command is a toggle; select it again to hide all cell comments.
To toggle the display of an individual comment, select its cell, and then choose
Show/Hide Comment.
Selecting comments: To quickly select all cells in a worksheet that contain a
comment, choose Home
Find & Select
Go to Special. Then choose the
Comments option and click OK.
Editing comments: To edit a comment, activate the cell, right-click, and then
choose Edit Comment from the shortcut menu. Or select the cell and press Shift+F2.
After you make your changes, click any cell.
Deleting comments: To delete a cell comment, activate the cell that contains the
comment and then choose Review
Delete. Or right-click and then
choose Delete Comment from the shortcut menu.
Printing comments: Comments do not print by default. Click the dialog box
launcher in the Page Layout Page Setup group. In the Page Setup dialog box, click
the Sheet tab. Make your choice from the Comments drop-down control: At End of
Sheet or As Displayed on Sheet. Click OK to close the Page Setup dialog box or click
the Print button to print the worksheet.
This chapter taught essential skills dealing with worksheets, cells, and ranges. You should
now be equipped with a wide variety of skills, including the ability to:
Create, copy, move, and rename worksheets.
Change worksheet zoom.
Resize, insert, and delete rows and columns.
Hide and redisplay rows and columns.
Use various techniques to select cells and ranges.
Perform standard and special copy and paste operations.
Name ranges and work with range names.
Add and change cell comments.
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