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Inserting functions into formulas
See Chapter 14 for information about creating names for cells and ranges.
Inserting functions into formulas
The easiest way to enter a function into a formula is to use Formula AutoComplete (the
drop-down list that Excel displays while you type a formula). To use this method, however,
you must know at least the fi rst character of the function’s name.
Another way to insert a function is to use tools in the Function Library group on the
Formulas tab on the Ribbon (see Figure 15.4). This method is especially useful if you can’t
remember which function you need. When entering a formula, click the function category
(Financial, Logical, Text, and so on) to get a list of the functions in that category. Click the
function you want, and Excel displays its Function Arguments dialog box. This is where you
enter the function’s arguments. In addition, you can click the Help on This Function link to
learn more about the selected function.
You can insert a function by selecting it from one of the function categories.
Yet another way to insert a function into a formula is to use the Insert Function dialog box
(see Figure 15.5). You can access this dialog box in several ways:
The Insert Function dialog box
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