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Inserting functions into formulas
Choose Formulas
Function Library
Insert Function.
Use the Insert Function command, which appears at the bottom of each
dropdown list in the Formulas
Function Library group.
Click the Insert Function button, which is directly to the left of the Formula
bar. This button displays fx.
Press Shift+F3.
The Insert Function dialog box shows a drop-down list of function categories. Select a
category and the functions in that category are displayed in the list box. To access a function
that you recently used, select Most Recently Used from the drop-down list.
If you’re not sure which function you need, you can search for the appropriate function by
using the Search for a Function fi eld at the top of the dialog box.
1. Enter your search terms and click Go. You get a list of relevant functions. When
you select a function from the Select a Function list, Excel displays the function
(and its argument names) in the dialog box along with a brief description of what
the function does.
2. When you locate the function you want to use, highlight it and click OK. Excel
then displays its Function Arguments dialog box, as shown in Figure 15.6.
The Function Arguments dialog box
3. Specify the arguments for the function. The Function Arguments dialog box will
vary, depending on the function you’re inserting, and it will show one text box for
each of the function’s arguments. To use a cell or range reference as an argument,
you can enter the address manually or click inside the argument box and then
select (that is, point to) the cell or range in the sheet.
4. After you specify all the function arguments, click OK.
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