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Using Cell References in Formulas
Formula references to the sales tax cell should be absolute.
The quantity is multiplied by the price, and the result is multiplied by the sales tax rate
stored in cell B7. Notice that the reference to B7 is an absolute reference. When the formula
in D2 is copied to the cells below it, cell D3 will contain this formula:
Here, the references to cells B2 and C2 were adjusted, but the reference to cell B7 was
not — which is exactly what I want because the address of the cell that contains the sales
tax never changes.
Figure 15.9 demonstrates the use of mixed references. The formulas in the C3:F7 range
calculate the area for various lengths and widths. The formula in cell C3 is:
Using mixed cell references
Notice that both cell references are mixed. The reference to cell B3 uses an absolute
reference for the column ($B), and the reference to cell C2 uses an absolute reference for the row
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