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Using Formulas in Tables
To create formulas that refer to cells in a different worksheet, point to the cells rather than enter their references
manually. Excel takes care of the details regarding the workbook and worksheet references. The workbook you’re
referencing in your formula must be open if you’re going to use the pointing method.
If you point to a different worksheet or workbook when creating a formula, you’fill notice that Excel always inserts
absolute cell references. Therefore, if you plan to copy the formula to other cells, make sure that you change the cell
references to relative before you copy.
Using Formulas in Tables
A table is a specially designated range of cells, set up with column headers. In this section,
I describe how formulas work with tables. Chapter 19 will introduce tables.
Summarizing data in a table
Figure 15.10 shows a simple table with three columns. I entered the data and then
converted the range to a table by choosing Insert
Table. Note that I didn’t defi ne any
names, but the table is named Table1 by default.
FIGURE 15.10
A simple table with three columns of information
If you’d like to calculate the total projected and total actual sales, you don’t even need to
write a formula. Simply click a button to add a row of summary formulas to the table:
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