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Using Formulas in Tables
1. Click any cell in the table.
2. Place a check mark next to Table Tools Design Table Style Options Total Row.
3. Click a cell in the Total Row and use the drop-down list to select the type of
summary formula to use (see Figure 15.11). For example, to calculate the sum
of the Actual column, select SUM from the drop-down list in cell D15. Excel creates
this formula:
FIGURE 15.11
A drop-down list enables you to select a summary formula for a table column.
For the SUBTOTAL function, 109 is an enumerated argument that represents SUM . The
second argument for the SUBTOTAL function is the column name, in square brackets. Using
the column name within brackets creates “structured” references within a table (as
discussed further in the upcoming section, “Referencing data in a table”).
You can toggle the Total Row display via Table Tools ➪ Design ➪ Table Style Options ➪ Total Row. If you turn it off, the
summary options you selected will be displayed again when you turn it back on.
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