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RANDBETWEEN function to create a set of random numbers and you don’t want Excel to
recalculate those random numbers each time you press Enter, you can convert the
formulas to values. Just follow these steps:
1. Select A1:A20.
2. Choose Home
Copy (or press Ctrl+C).
3. Choose Home Clipboard Paste arrow Paste Values (V).
4. Press Esc to cancel Copy mode.
This chapter taught you the key details about entering formulas to perform calculations in
cells. The chapter taught you how to:
Enter formulas using operators.
Use the order of precedence along with parentheses to ensure a formula calculates
Include functions in formulas to perform more sophisticated calculations.
Use various methods to include ranges and functions in formulas.
Make changes to formulas.
Use relative and absolute references.
Use formulas with a table.
See and fi x formula errors.
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