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Offsetting a date using only workdays
Using the NETWORKDAYS function to calculate the number of workdays between two dates
This formula returns 4 , which means that the seven-day period beginning with January 1
and ending on January 7 contains four workdays in the example year. In other words, the
calculation excludes one holiday, one Saturday, and one Sunday. The formula in cell C16
calculates the total number of workdays in the year.
Excel 2010 introduced an updated version of the NETWORKDAYS function, named NETWORKDAYS.INTL . This
newer version of the function is useful if you consider weekend days to be days other than Saturday and Sunday. For
example, many Muslim countries consider Thursday and Friday or Friday and Saturday as the weekend. Similarly,
in Israel the workweek starts on Sunday, with the weekend spanning Thursday or Friday through Saturday. And of
course, there are companies worldwide that follow a six-day work week or rotate workers in six-day shifts, meaning
those instances result in single-day holidays. This function enables you to count how many workdays fall within a
given timeframe, with an argument for you to specify which day(s) of the week are indeed the weekend days so that
they are not included in the resulting count.
Offsetting a date using only workdays
The WORKDAY function is the opposite of the NETWORKDAYS function. For example, if you
start a project on January 4 and the project requires ten working days to complete, the
WORKDAY function can calculate the date you will fi nish the project.
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