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Displaying any time
Formulas that use the NOW function are updated only when the worksheet is recalculated, such as when you open the
i le or press F9. The time comes from your computer’s clock, so if the clock is wrong, the formula will return an
incorrect time.
To enter a time stamp (that doesn’t change) into a cell, press Ctrl+Shift+: (colon).
Displaying any time
One way to enter a time value into a cell is to just type it, making sure that you include at
least one colon (:). You can also create a time by using the TIME function. For example, the
following formula returns a time comprising the hour in cell A1, the minute in cell B1, and
the second in cell C1:
Like the DATE function, the TIME function accepts invalid arguments and adjusts the
result accordingly. For example, the following formula uses 80 as the minute argument
and returns 10:20:15 AM . The 80 minutes are simply added to the hour, with 20 minutes
If you enter a value greater than 24 as the i rst argument for the TIME function, the result may not be what you
expect. Logically, a formula such as the one that follows should produce a date/time serial number of 1.041667
(that is, one day and one hour).
In fact, this formula is equivalent to the following:
You can also use the DATE function along with the TIME function in a single cell. The
formula that follows generates a date and time with a serial number of 41612.7708333333 —
which represents 6:30 p.m. on December 4, 2013:
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