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Your Interface to Faster File Creation
from the account’s SkyDrive, a feature you’fill learn more about in Chapter 3 and
Chapter 39, “Collaborating in the Cloud with SkyDrive.” Other new features tie
into the cloud independent of your account. For example, the new Insert Online
Pictures feature in Word, PowerPoint, and other applications enables you to fi nd
and add images from Offi Clip Art, Bing Image Search, or your SkyDrive to
a document. Chapters 9 and 24 cover the details of this more fl exible way to fi nd
document images.
Social media functions: The Insert Online Pictures feature also enables you to
insert pictures from a Flickr account associated with your Microsoft account. Just
make the connection when prompted, and pictures you’ve shared to Flickr will be
available for use in Offi ce documents. And you can more easily share a document
saved to your SkyDrive and present a document online, making collaboration with
your contacts a seamless and productive experience. Later chapters delve into these
social and collaboration features.
Your Interface to Faster File Creation
If you’re like most users, when you begin a letter or a report, the fi rst thing you do is check
whether you’ve ever created a similar letter or report. If you have written and formatted a
similar document, then you very likely will open it and use it as a starting point.
However, even if you have a document to use as a starting point, you are only recycling
the same look and feel you’ve used before. Instead, you could take advantage of an existing
template in the Microsoft Offi ce ever-expanding online repertoire. You can either select one
of the more popular templates or search for a template using a description such as letter,
resume, budget, or sales presentation. Chapter 3 explains how you can fi nd and use a
template to create a document that has a professional appearance, even if you have no
document design background.
If you also do not want to use a template, you can start with the clean slate of a blank
document. Even with that starting point, you can choose from a collection of designs
and tools to save time and guesswork. The Offi ce applications include built-in galleries
of already formatted options. For example, if you create a table, rather than formatting
the text, borders, and fi fills separately, you can apply a single table style to format all the
table elements with an attractive combination of settings. Most galleries work with the
Live Preview feature. Simply move the mouse pointer over a choice in a gallery, and the
selected text or object temporarily morphs in the document to show you how the gallery
choice would look when applied. You can either click that choice to select it or move the
mouse pointer along to preview other gallery choices. Some galleries even present special
elements you can add to a document page. For example, when you insert a text box into a
document, you have the option of inserting a box formatted as a pull quote or sidebar to
add design interest to your document. You’fill learn about the numerous galleries
throughout later chapters in the book.
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