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Using an Application Start Screen
Finally, Offi ce 2013 retains the most powerful design tool of all: themes. The theme defi nes
the color scheme, fonts, and effects for a document (or in the case of Access, a database
object). Changing the theme changes the look of the entire document. Various
chapters later in the book provide the details about working with themes in different Offi ce
Using an Application Start Screen
When you fi rst start most of the Offi ce 2013 applications, you’fill see a new feature called
the Start screen. The Start screen is basically divided into two panes. At the left, you can
click a fi le in the Recent list — which contains fi les you’ve worked with in recent work
sessions — to open it immediately. Or, you can click Open Other Documents (the link name
varies depending on which application you’re using) below the recent list to navigate
to various storage locations and open an existing fi le. See “Opening a fi le” in Chapter 3.
Finally, you can use the gallery of templates at right to choose a template, as described in
“Creating a fi le from a template” in Chapter 3. For now, if you’re interested in seeing the
application’s tools, you can click the Blank choice (Blank document, Blank workbook, and
so on, depending on which application you’ve started) in the templates at the top to open
a blank fi le and look around.
If you want to turn the Start screen off, click the File tab on the Ribbon, and then click Options. Leave the General tab
selected in the list at the left, and under Start up options, click to remove the check beside Show the Start screen
when this application starts. Click OK to apply the change.
Touring an office Application Screen
This chapter has already pointed out a few elements of Offi ce application screens that you’fill
use to create and enhance your documents. Now it’s time to review all the tools available
via the screen in an Offi ce application, several of which are identifi ed in Figure 2.3. Offi ce
2013 retains many of the same elements of the 2007 and 2010 versions of the programs. If
you’re new to Offi ce, this section presents the essential roadmap to help you around the
screen. Users of all levels can have an Aha! moment or two via the tips and notes found in
the next few pages.
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