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Title bar
The title bar at the top of the application window shows the name of the current document
and the program, as in Figure 2.3. In addition to identifying the working document, the
title bar enables you to control the size of the application window. Double-clicking the title
bar toggles the current Offi ce application between maximized (full screen) and restored (less
than full screen) states. If you’ve set your screen to a fairly high resolution and have
used the Windows Snap feature to snap a screen to full size or half-screen size,
doubleclicking the title bar also returns the window to its prior size.
The three application control buttons at the far-right end of the title bar (see Figure 2.3)
also enable you to work with the window size. The left one, Minimize, collapses the current
Word window down to a button on the Windows Desktop taskbar. The middle button toggles
between being a Maximize and Restore down button, and works just like double-clicking the
title bar. Finally, the Close button at the far right closes the current document and
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