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Choosing a chart type
The data that you use in a chart need not be in contiguous cells. You can press Ctrl and make a multiple selection. The
initial data, however, must be on a single worksheet. If you need to plot data that exists on more than one worksheet,
you can add more series after the chart is created. In all cases, however, data for a single chart series must reside on
one sheet.
Choosing a chart type
After you select the data, select a chart type from the Insert Charts group. Each control
in this group is a drop-down list, which lets you further refi ne your choice by selecting a
For this example, let Excel recommend a chart type. Choose Insert
Charts. Excel displays the dialog box shown in Figure 18.5. This dialog box shows several
recommended charts, using your actual data. Select the fi rst choice, Clustered Column, and
click OK. Excel inserts the chart in the middle of the workbook window. You can move the
chart by dragging any of its borders. You can also resize it by dragging in one of its corners.
Figure 18.6 shows the chart positioned next to the source data range.
Letting Excel recommend a chart type
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