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Experimenting with different styles
A clustered column chart created from the data in the table
Experimenting with different styles
The chart looks pretty good, but it’s just one of several predefi ned styles for a clustered
column chart.
To see some other looks for the chart, select the chart (click it) and check out a few other
predefi ned styles in the Chart Tools
Chart Styles group. Just hover your mouse
over a thumbnail in the gallery, and your chart shows a Live Preview of the new style. If
you fi nd a style you like, click the thumbnail to apply the style. Notice that this Ribbon
group also includes a Change Colors tool, which lets you quickly modify the colors used in
the chart.
You can also access the chart styles and colors by using the Chart Styles button, which
appears to the right of the chart when you select it (the button displays a paintbrush). The
choices are presented in a scrollable list. The choices are exactly the same as those
displayed in the Chart Tools
Chart Styles group.
Experimenting with different layouts
Every chart type has a set of layouts that you can choose from. A layout contains
additional chart elements, such as a title, data labels, axes, and so on. You can add your own
elements to your chart, but often, using a predefi ned layout saves time. Even if the
layout isn’t exactly what you want, it may be close enough that you need to make only a few
To try a different predefi ned layout, select the chart and choose Chart Tools
Chart Layouts Quick Layout.
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