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Experimenting with different styles
To manually add or remove elements from the chart, click the Chart Elements button, which
appears to the right of the chart and has an image of a plus sign. Note that each item
expands to provide more options, such as the location of the element within the chart.
The Chart Elements icon contains the same option as the Chart Tools Design Chart
Add Chart Element control.
Figure 18.7 shows the chart after selecting a different style and changing the colors. I
chose a layout that displays the legend on the right and includes axis titles. I customized
the generic title and vertical axis title and deleted the horizontal axis title because it’s
obvious that it displays months.
The chart, after selecting a different style and layout
You can link the chart title to a cell so the title always displays the contents of a particular cell. To create a link to a
cell, click the chart title, type an equal sign (=), click the cell, and press Enter. Excel displays the link in the Formula
Experiment with the Chart Tools
Design tab to make other changes to the chart. Also
try the tools that appear to the right of the chart when you click it. For example, you can
remove the gridlines add axis titles, relocate the legend, and so on. Making these changes
is easy and fairly intuitive.
Up until now, the changes made to the chart have been strictly cosmetic. The following
sections describe how to make more substantial changes to a chart.
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