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Deleting a chart
If you paste the chart to a different workbook, it will be linked to the data in the original
Deleting a chart
To delete an embedded chart, press Ctrl and click the chart (to select the chart as an
object). Then press Delete. When the Ctrl key is pressed, you can select multiple charts, and
then delete them all with a single press of the Delete key.
To delete a chart sheet, right-click its sheet tab and choose Delete from the shortcut menu. To
delete multiple chart sheets, select them by pressing Ctrl while you click the sheet tabs.
Adding chart elements
To add new elements to a chart (such as a title, legend, data labels, or gridlines), activate
the chart and click the Chart Elements button, which appears to the right of the chart.
Click the check box beside one of the listed chart elements to display or hide it. Note that
each item expands to display additional options.
You can also use the Add Chart Element control on the Chart Tools Design Chart Layouts
Moving and deleting chart elements
Some elements within a chart can be moved: titles, legend, and data labels. To move a chart
element, simply click it to select it and then drag it by its border.
The easiest way to delete a chart element is to select it and then press Delete. You can also
use the controls on the Chart Elements icon, which appears to the right of the chart.
A few chart elements consist of multiple objects. For example, the data labels element consists of one label for each
data point. To move or delete one data label, click once to select the entire element and then click a second time to
select the specii c data label. You can then move or delete the single data label.
Formatting chart elements
Many users are content to stick with the predefi ned chart styles and layouts. For more
precise customizations, Excel allows you to work with individual chart elements and apply
additional formatting. You can use the Ribbon commands for some modifi cations, but
the easiest way to format chart elements is to right-click the element and choose Format
<Element> from the shortcut menu. The exact command depends on the element you select.
For example, if you right-click the chart’s title, the shortcut menu command is Format
Chart Title.
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