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Deleting a chart
The Format command displays a pane with options for the selected element. Changes
that you make appear immediately. When you select a new chart element, the dialog box
changes to display the properties for the newly selected element. You can keep this task
pane displayed while you work on the chart. It can be docked along the left or right part of
the window or made free fl oating and sizable.
If the Format pane doesn’t appear, you can double-click a chart element to display it.
Refer to the “Exploring the Format Pane” sidebar for an explanation of how the Format task
panes work.
If you apply formatting to a chart element and decide that it wasn’t such a good idea, you can revert to the original
formatting for the particular chart style. Right-click the chart element and choose Reset to Match Style from the
shortcut menu. To reset the entire chart, select the chart area when you issue the command.
Exploring the Format Pane
The Format pane can require some exploration. It contains many options that aren’t visible, and you
sometimes have to do quite a bit of clicking to fi nd the formatting option you’re looking for. The
accompanying fi gure shows the task pane for the chart title. The name of the task pane depends on which chart
element is selected. The task pane varies quite a bit, depending on which chart element is selected.
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