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Sorting and filtering a table
Sorting and i ltering a table
Each item in the Header Row of a table contains a drop-down arrow known as a Filter Button.
When clicked, the Filter Button displays sorting and fi ltering options (see Figure 19.7).
Each column in a table has sorting and fi ltering options.
A new feature in Excel 2013 lets you toggle the display of Filter Buttons in a table’s Header Row. Choose Table
Tools ➪ Design ➪ Table Style Options ➪ Filter Button to display or hide the drop-down arrows.
Sorting a table
Sorting a table rearranges the rows based on the contents of a particular column. You may
want to sort a table to put names in alphabetical order. Or, maybe you want to sort your
sales staff by the totals sales made.
To sort a table by a particular column, click the Filter Button in the column header and
choose one of the sort commands. The exact command varies, depending on the type
of data in the column. You can also select Sort by Color to sort the rows based on the
background or text color of the data. This option is relevant only if you’ve overridden the
table style colors with custom formatting.
You can sort on any number of columns. The trick is to sort the least signifi cant column
fi rst and then proceed until the most signifi cant column is sorted last. For example, in a
real estate table, you may want to sort the list by agent. And within each agent’s group,
sort the rows by area. And within each area, sort the rows by list price. For this type of
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