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Conditional formatting formula examples
FIGURE 19.24
Using conditional formatting to apply formatting to alternate rows
Alternate row shading can make your spreadsheets easier to read. If you add or delete rows
within the conditional formatting area, the shading is updated automatically.
This formula uses the ROW function (which returns the row number) and the MOD function
(which returns the remainder of its fi rst argument divided by its second argument).
For cells in even-numbered rows, the MOD function returns 0 , and cells in that row are
For alternate shading of columns, use the COLUMN function instead of the ROW function.
Creating checkerboard shading
The following formula is a variation on the example in the preceding section. It applies
formatting to alternate rows and columns, creating a checkerboard effect.
Shading groups of rows
Here’s another row shading variation. The following formula shades alternate groups of
rows. It produces four shaded rows, followed by four unshaded rows, followed by four more
shaded rows, and so on.
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