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Locating cells that contain conditional formatting
To remove only conditional formatting (and leave the other formatting intact), choose
Home Styles Conditional Formatting Clear Rules.
Locating cells that contain conditional formatting
You can’t always tell, just by looking at a cell, whether it contains conditional formatting.
You can, however, use the Go to Special dialog box to select such cells.
1. Choose Home
Find & Select
Go to Special. The Go to Special dialog
box appears.
2. In the Go to Special dialog box, select the Conditional Formats option.
3. To select all cells on the worksheet containing conditional formatting, select
the All option; to select only the cells that contain the same conditional
formatting as the active cell, select the Same option.
4. Click OK. Excel selects the cells for you.
The Excel Find and Replace dialog box includes a feature that allows you to search your worksheet to locate cells
that contain specii c formatting. This feature does not locate cells that contain formatting resulting from conditional
Introducing Sparklines
A sparkline i s a small chart that’s displayed in a single cell. A sparkline allows you to
quickly spot time-based trends or variations in data. Because they’re so compact, sparklines
are almost always used in a group.
Although sparklines look like miniature charts (and can sometimes take the place of a chart),
this feature is completely separate from the charting feature covered in Chapter 18. For
example, charts are placed on a worksheet’s draw layer, and a single chart can display several
series of data. A sparkline is displayed inside a cell and displays only one series of data.
This chapter introduces sparklines and presents examples that demonstrate how they can
be used in your worksheets.
Sparklines were introduced in Excel 2010. If you create a workbook that uses sparklines, and that workbook is
opened using a previous version of Excel, the cells holding sparklines will be empty.
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