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Creating Sparklines
each data point is depicted as a high block (win) or a low block (loss). In this
example, a positive change from the previous month is a win, and a negative
change from the previous month is a loss.
Why Sparklines?
If the term sparkline seems odd, don’t blame Microsoft. Edward Tufte coined the term sparkline, and
in his book, Beautiful Evidence (2006, Graphics Press), he describes it as follows:
Sparklines: Intense, simple, word-sized graphics
In the case of Excel, sparklines are cell-sized graphics. As you see in this chapter, sparklines aren’t
limited to lines.
Creating Sparklines
Sparklines provide a great way to summarize data visually. For example, Figure 19.28 shows
column sparklines summarizing precipitation data. To create sparkline graphics, follow
these steps:
FIGURE 19.28
Column sparklines summarize the precipitation data for nine cities.
1. Select the data that will be depicted (data only, not column headings); if you’re
creating multiple sparklines, select all the data. In the example in Figure 19.28,
you would start by selecting B4:M12.
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