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Chapter 20: A First Look at PowerPoint 2013
produce other creative selling materials. By combining the Offi ce 2013 online clip
art collection and drawing tools with some well-chosen fonts and borders, a
marketing person can come up with some very usable designs in PowerPoint.
Human Resources: Human resources personnel often deliver presentations to new
employees to explain the policies and benefi ts of the company. A well-designed,
attractive presentation gives a positive impression of the company, starting the
new hires off on the right foot. One of the most helpful features in PowerPoint for
the human resources professional is the SmartArt tool. With it, you can easily
diagram the reporting structure of the company and make changes whenever
necessary with a few mouse clicks.
Education and Training: Most courses include a lecture section in which the
instructor outlines the content, and PowerPoint can help make the lecture portion
of the class go smoothly. PowerPoint’s interactive controls even let you create
quizzes that each student can take on-screen to gauge their progress. Depending on the
button the student clicks, you can set up the quiz to display a “Yes, you are
correct!” or “Sorry, try again” slide.
PowerPoint offers unparalleled fl exibility for presenting information to potential customers.
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