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What’s New in PowerPoint 2013?
Hotel and Restaurant Management: Service organizations such as hotels and
restaurants often need to inform their customers of various facts but need to do so
unobtrusively so that the information will not be obvious except to those looking
for it. For example, a convention center hotel might provide a printed list of the
meetings taking place in its meeting rooms, or a restaurant might show pictures of
the day’s specials on a video screen in the waiting area. You can use PowerPoint to
do either.
What’s New in PowerPoint 2013?
PowerPoint 2013 is very much like PowerPoint 2010 in its basic functionality. It uses a
tabbed Ribbon across the top, rather than a traditional menu system, and employs dialog
boxes and a Quick Access Toolbar in the same ways that 2010 did.
This doesn’t mean that there aren’t changes and improvements though! The following
sections outline the major differences you will see when you upgrade from PowerPoint 2010 to
PowerPoint 2013.
Cloud integration
You can purchase Offi ce 2013 (or the standalone PowerPoint 2013) either as a traditional
boxed application, as a download (with an optional backup DVD) or as a cloud-based
subscription called Offi ce 365. There are several benefi ts to the cloud version, including lower
price per user for small organizations, automatic updates, the ability to use Offi ce on
multiple PCs without paying extra (with some editions), and the ability to access your Offi ce
applications and fi les from multiple locations. The cloud-based version is marked
primarily to businesses, but versions are also available (or soon to be available at this writing)
for university students and home users too. See
office365/office-professional-plus.aspx for more information.
Start screen
In earlier PowerPoint versions, you started up in a blank new presentation, which some
beginners found intimidating. PowerPoint 2013 opens with a Start screen (Figure 20.2),
providing easy access to both local and online templates as well as recently used fi les.
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