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Starting and Exiting PowerPoint
was supported. PowerPoint 2013 adds MP4 support, making the resulting videos
much more widely shareable because MP4 is one of the most common video formats
for online use. You can still save your presentation to the Windows Media Video
( .wmv ) format, too.
Welcome Back: When you reopen a presentation that you were previously working
on, the last slide you were editing automatically reappears. This is essentially the
same as the Resume Reading feature in Word 2013.
Starting and Exiting PowerPoint
Now that you have seen some of the potential uses for PowerPoint and toured the new
features, let’s get started using the program.
You can start PowerPoint just as you would any other program in Windows: from the Start
screen (in Windows 8) or the Start menu (in Windows 7). Offi ce 2013 runs only under those
two desktop operating systems (as well as a couple of the server versions, which are not
being covered in this topic).
In Windows 8:
Press the Windows logo key, , on the keyboard to display the Start screen;
or on a touch screen, swipe in from the right and tap Start. The Windows Start
screen appears.
2. Scroll to the right if needed to fi nd the PowerPoint 2013 tile, and click or tap
it. The program starts.
In Windows 7:
Click the Start button. The Start menu opens.
2. Click All Programs.
Click Microsoft Offi ce.
4. Click PowerPoint 2013. The program starts.
When PowerPoint 2013 opens, its own Start screen appears, as you saw back in Figure 20.2,
offering help for opening existing fi les or starting new ones. If you want to bypass the
Start screen and jump immediately to a new blank presentation (as in earlier versions of
PowerPoint), just press the Esc key.
If you want quick access to PowerPoint from the Windows 8 Desktop, add a shortcut to PowerPoint to the taskbar. To
do so, right-click the PowerPoint 2013 tile on the Start screen and click Pin to taskbar. From then on, you can start
PowerPoint by clicking the PowerPoint 2013 icon on the taskbar.
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