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Galleries and Live Preview
Galleries and Live Preview
In the Offi ce applications, a gallery is a set of formatting results or preformatted document
parts. Virtually every set of formatting results or document parts in Word 2013 (indeed, in
all of Offi ce 2013) might be called a gallery, although the applications themselves do not
use the word gallery to refer to every feature set. Some, such as the list of bullets in Word,
may be called libraries instead, and the drop-down galleries for selecting colors also may be
called Color Pickers .
Word includes galleries for text styles, themes, headers, footers, page colors, tables, WordArt,
equations, symbols, and more. The other Offi ce applications include their own specifi c
galleries, such as the Transitions and Animations galleries in PowerPoint. In most cases, you click
a button or drop-down arrow to open a gallery, and then click the gallery choice to apply to
the selected text or object. Galleries often work hand in hand with the Live Preview feature.
Live Preview temporarily applies the highlighted gallery choice to the current document
selection, enabling you to instantly see the results without actually having to apply that
formatting, as shown in Figure 2.10. Move the mouse pointer over the different gallery
options to display the formatting on the document selection instantly.
Live Preview showing the Quote style applied to the selected paragraph in a Word document
Preview of
the Quote style
Mouse pointer
over the Quote
Note that not all galleries and formatting options have Live Preview enabled. For example,
on the Page Layout tab in Word, none of the Page Setup items produces live previews, nor
do its Paragraph group settings. Another time you won’t see Live Preview is when working
with dialog boxes, such as the Paragraph dialog box. Many of those offer internal Preview
areas but do not take advantage of Offi ce 2013’s Live Preview capability.
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