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Slide Show view and Reading views
FIGURE 20.11
Use the Slide Sorter view for a bird’s-eye view of the presentation.
Slide Show view and Reading views
When it’s time to rehearse the presentation, nothing shows you the fi nished product quite
as clearly as Slide Show view does. In Slide Show view, the slide fi fills the entire screen. You
can move from slide to slide by pressing the Page Up and Page Down keys or by using one of
the other movement methods available (covered in Chapter 26).
Notice in Figure 20.12 the black bars above and below the slide. The default slide
dimensions in PowerPoint 2013 are set for a wide-screen monitor (16:9 aspect ratio). If you are
using a regular monitor (4:3) but showing wide-screen slides, black bars fi fill in the extra
space at the top and bottom. You can correct this problem by changing the slide size on
the Design tab. When you change the slide size, PowerPoint prompts you to specify how to
adjust the existing content to fi t the new format.
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