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Slide Show view and Reading views
FIGURE 20.12
Slide Show view lets you practice the presentation in real life.
Buttons for
When you move your mouse in Slide Show view, buttons appear in the bottom-left corner
for controlling the show without leaving it. To leave the slide show, choose End Show from
the menu or just press the Esc key.
When entering Slide Show view, the method you use determines which slide you start on. If you use the Slide
Show View button in the bottom-right corner of the screen, the presentation will start with whatever slide you have
selected. (You can also press Shift+F5 to do this or choose Slide Show ➪ From Current Slide.) If you use the Slide
Show ➪ Start Slide Show ➪ From Beginning command, or press F5, the presentation will start at the beginning.
Reading view is like Slide Show view except it runs within the PowerPoint app window
rather than full screen and it doesn’t have the powerful slide show tools that you get with
Slide Show view (covered in Chapter 18), such as the ability to draw on a slide or skip to a
certain slide. You still see the PowerPoint application’s title bar, and you still see the status
bar at the bottom. You can move between slides by clicking with the mouse or by using the
arrow keys on the keyboard. As with Slide Show view, you can exit from Reading view by
pressing Esc to return to the previously accessed view.
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