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Zooming In and Out
Zooming In and Out
If you need a closer look at your presentation, you can zoom the view in or out to
accommodate almost any situation. For example, if you have trouble placing a graphic exactly at
the same vertical level as some text in a box next to it, you can zoom in for more precision.
(The new Smart Guides feature in PowerPoint 2013 helps with that situation too.) You can
view your work at various magnifi cations on-screen without changing the size of the
surrounding tools or the size of the print on the printout.
In Normal view, each of the panes has its own individual zoom. To set the zoom for the
Thumbnails pane only, for example, select it fi rst; then choose a zoom level. Or to zoom
only in the Slide pane (the main editing pane), click it fi rst. In a single-pane view, such as
Notes Page or Slide Sorter, a single zoom setting affects the entire work area.
The larger the zoom number, the larger the details on the display. A zoom of 10% would
make a slide so tiny that you couldn’t read it. A zoom of 400% would make a few letters on
a slide so big they would fi fill the entire pane.
An easy way to set the zoom level is to drag the Zoom slider in the status bar, or click its
plus or minus buttons to change the zoom level in increments, as shown in Figure 20.14.
You can also hold down the Ctrl key and roll the scroll wheel on your mouse, if it has one.
FIGURE 20.14
Zoom in or out to see more or less of the slide(s) at once.
Current zoom
Zoom slider
Decrease Zoom
Increase Zoom
Fit to Window
To resize the current slide so that it is as large as possible while still fi tting completely in
the Slides pane, click the Fit Slide to Current Window button, or Choose View Zoom Fit
to Window.
Another way to control the zoom is with the Zoom dialog box. Choose View Zoom Zoom
to open it. (You can also open that dialog box by clicking the % next to the Zoom slider
in the lower-right corner of the screen.) Make your selection, as shown in Figure 20.15, by
clicking the appropriate button, and then click OK. Notice that you can type a precise zoom
percentage in the Percent text box. You can specify any percentage you like, up to 400%.
(Some panes and views will not go higher than 100%.)
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