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Galleries and Live Preview
A gotcha in all this newfangled functionality is that sometimes the gallery itself covers up
all or part of the Live Preview. This gets old quickly and can negate much of Live Preview’s
functionality, unless you’re blessed with lots of screen real estate.
Fortunately, some galleries and controls have draggable borders that enable you to see more
of what you’re trying to preview, as shown in Figure 2.11. A handle with four dots indicates
when you can resize a control’s border by dragging up. If a gallery has three dots in the
lower-right corner, that means you resize both its height and width by dragging diagonally.
Some galleries can be resized to reveal the Live Preview that otherwise would be covered.
Once you’ve determined through Live Preview that you want to apply particular formatting,
click the choice in the gallery. If necessary, you can always use the venerable Ctrl+Z (Undo)
if you don’t like the result.
When using Live Preview, it’s easy to forget to click the desired gallery or formatting command when you come to it.
Particularly in extensive lists (such as lists of fonts, colors, or styles), it’s possible to get exactly the right effect
without noticing what it’s called. In the case of colors, you usually don’t even have a name to use as a guide. Sometimes,
the hand really is quicker than the eye. Once you move your mouse away from your selection, it’s lost. You might have
to re-inspect that entire list to i nd exactly what you already found, so once you i nd what you’re looking for, don’t
forget to click! Ctrl+Z is your friend!
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