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Starting a New Presentation
Starting a New Presentation
You can start a blank presentation, or you can base the new presentation on a template or
on another presentation. Using a template or existing presentation can save you some time.
However, if you have a specifi c vision you’re going for, starting a presentation from scratch
gives you a clean canvas to work from.
Starting a blank presentation
When you open PowerPoint, a Start screen appears. From here you can click Blank
Presentation, as shown in Figure 21.1, or you can just press Esc at the Start screen to access
a blank presentation.
Use the Blank Presentation tile on the Start screen to start a new presentation.
Click here for a
blank presentation.
If you want to start a blank presentation at some time other than when you start up
PowerPoint, you can do the following:
1. Choose File New. The same selection of templates and themes appears as in
Figure 21.1.
2. Click Blank Presentation.
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