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Starting a presentation from a template
Press the Ctrl+N shortcut key to start a new blank presentation.
A new blank presentation begins automatically with one slide. Just add your content to it,
add more slides if needed, change the formatting (as you’fill learn in upcoming chapters),
and go for it.
Starting a presentation from a template
A template is a fi le that contains starter settings — and sometimes starter content — on
which you can base new presentations. Templates vary in their exact offerings but can
include sample slides, a background graphic, custom color and font themes, and custom
positioning for object placeholders.
The sample templates stored on your computer (such as the Welcome to PowerPoint template
shown in Figure 21.1) appear as tiles on the Start screen along with tiles for the themes and
on the New screen when you choose File New, as in the preceding section. You can click
whichever one you want to use.
Only a few sample templates are stored on your hard disk because Microsoft assumes that
most people have an always-on Internet connection these days. When you are connected
to the Internet, you can access the complete Offi library of template fi les. Use the
Search for online templates and themes box to search for templates in a particular category
or with certain keywords associated with them.
Follow these steps to locate a template and use it to start a new presentation:
1. Choose File New.
2. In the Search for online templates and themes box, type a keyword or phrase
to search for and press Enter, or click one of the category links on the
Suggested searches line below the Search box. See Figure 21.2. A list of templates
appears that match your criteria.
Search for templates by keyword or click a category.
Type a keyword
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