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Using a personal template
3. Click a template to see a preview of it, as shown in Figure 21.3.
Preview a template before selecting it.
Click away from the pop-up
window to close
it without selecting this
See user
rating here.
Click arrow to
scroll through
the slides
in the template.
4. Click Create. A new presentation is created based on that template.
Using a personal template
In the section, “Saving in a different format,” later in this chapter, you will learn how to
save a presentation fi le in template format so you can use it as a basis for new
presentations. These are called personal templates in PowerPoint 2013.
For PowerPoint to i nd your personal templates, you must tell it where they are stored. To do so, choose File
click the Save tab, and then enter the path to that location in the Default personal templates location text box. Then
click OK.
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