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Using a personal template
When you specify a default location for personal templates or download or create and save
a template, the New screen has two categories below the suggested searches: Featured and
Personal (or Custom). Personal appears if you have not specifi ed a Workgroup Templates
location (covered later in this chapter), and Custom appears instead if you have done so.
You can click Personal or Custom to see the locations that hold your own personal
templates and themes. The Document Themes folder appears here (you’fill learn more about it
in Chapter 22, “Working with Layouts, Themes, and Masters”) and also whatever folder you
specifi ed as the default personal templates location (see the preceding note). In addition, if
you have specifi ed a Workgroup Templates location, that folder appears here too.
To access your personal templates, follow these steps:
1. Choose File
2. Click Personal or click Custom. An icon appears for the location you have defi ned
as your personal template folder as well as an icon for Document Themes. There may
also be a Workgroup Templates folder shown. See Figure 21.4.
Choose Personal or Custom to see your personal template location.
Click Personal
or Custom.
3. Click the icon for your personal template folder (My Templates). Thumbnails
appear for your personal templates.
4. Click the desired personal template. A new presentation opens based on that
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