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Basing a new presentation on existing content
Basing a new presentation on existing content
If you already have a presentation that’s similar to the new one you need to create, you can
base the new presentation on the existing one. To do so, open the existing presentation
and then use Save As (covered in the next section, “Saving Your Work”) to save it under a
new name.
PowerPoint can open fi les in several formats other than its own, so you can start a new
presentation based on some work you have done elsewhere. For example, you can open a Word
outline in PowerPoint. The results might not be very attractive, but you can fi x that later
with some text editing, slide layouts, and design changes.
To open a fi le from another application, do the following:
1. Choose File Open. The Open screen appears.
2. Click Computer.
3. Click Browse. The Open dialog box appears.
4. Click the File Type button (currently set to All PowerPoint Presentations) and
choose the fi le type. For example, to open a text fi le, choose All Outlines, as shown
in Figure 21.5.
By changing the fi le type you can select a fi le of another supported type, such as an outline
File Type button
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