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Saving for the first time
whenever you need fi le transport, and you don’t have to worry about a network or Internet
connection being available.
Saving for the i rst time
If you haven’t previously saved the presentation you are working on, Save and Save As do
the same thing: They open the Save As screen. From there, you can specify a name, fi le
type, and fi le location. Follow these steps:
1. Choose File Save. The Save As screen appears. Your SkyDrive is selected by
default, as shown in Figure 21.6.
The Save As screen
SkyDrive is
selected by default.
Click Computer
if you want to
save to your
local computer.
Click Browse to
choose a folder.
2. (Optional) If you want to save to your Documents library, click Computer.
Each user has a Documents library, which is a composite location that represents multiple actual folders. If you
save to the Documents library, the i le is actually saved in the default storage location for the library, which is
C:\Users\ user name \My Documents .
3. Click the Browse button. The Save As dialog box opens.
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