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The MiniBar or Mini Toolbar
The MiniBar or Mini Toolbar
Another feature in some Offi ce 2013 applications is the MiniBar, more formally known as the
Mini Toolbar . The Mini Toolbar is a set of formatting tools that appears when you fi rst select
text. It is not context-sensitive, and it always contains an identical set of formatting tools.
There is no Mini Toolbar for graphics and other nontext objects.
When you fi rst select text, the Mini Toolbar appears above and to the right of the mouse
pointer, as shown in Figure 2.12. If you move the mouse pointer off the selection, the
MiniBar disappears.
The Mini Toolbar appears when text is fi rst selected.
Once the Mini Toolbar disappears, you cannot redisplay it by hovering the mouse over the selection. You can,
however, redisplay the Mini Toolbar and a shortcut menu for the selection by right-clicking the selection. Note also that
only the mouse triggers the Mini Toolbar. If you display the pop-up context menu by pressing Shift+F10 or by tapping
the Menu button on a Windows keyboard, the Mini Toolbar will not appear.
When the Home tab is selected, the Mini Toolbar might seem superfl uous, as all of the
Mini Toolbar’s commands also appear on that tab. However, consider for a moment how
far the mouse has to travel to access the Ribbon commands. With the Mini Toolbar, you
only have to move the mouse less than an inch or so to move the pointer to the command
you need. For those with repetitive motion injuries, this can save a lot of wear and tear
on the wrist.
If you decide that the Mini Toolbar gets in the way, you can turn it off. Even when it is
turned off, however, you can still summon it by right-clicking the current selection. If you
want to turn the Mini Toolbar off, click the File tab on the Ribbon, and then click Options.
Leave the General tab selected in the list at the left, and under User Interface options,
click to remove the check beside Show Mini Toolbar on selection. Click OK to apply the
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