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Saving subsequent times
If you want to transfer your presentation i le to a different computer and show it from there, and that other computer
does not have the same fonts as yours, you should embed the fonts in your presentation so that the desired fonts are
available on the other PC. To embed fonts from the Save As dialog box, click the Tools button, choose Save Options,
and under Preserve i delity when sharing this presentation click Embed fonts in the i le check box to check it, and
click OK. This option makes the saved i le larger than normal, so choose it only when necessary. For more information
on advanced saving features, see the section “Specifying save options.”
Saving subsequent times
After you have saved a presentation once, you can resave it with the same settings (same
fi le type, name, and location) in any of the following ways:
Choose File Save.
Press Ctrl+S.
Click the Save button on the Quick Access Toolbar.
If you need to save your presentation under a different name, as a different fi le type, or in
a different location, use the Save As command instead. This reopens the Save As screen,
as in the preceding steps, so that you can save differently. The originally saved copy will
remain under the original name, type, and location.
Changing drives and folders
The Offi ce applications enable you to save fi les to other locations besides your SkyDrive or
the Documents library. These other locations can include local hard disk folders, USB fl ash
drives and other fl ash media, other hard disks in the same PC, hard disks on other PCs in a
network, hard disks on web servers on the Internet, or writeable CDs or DVDs.
The Navigation pane on the left side of the Save As dialog box is home to several
collapsible/expandable categories. Double-click a category to open it and then make selections
from within it (see Figure 21.8). You can choose from the following categories:
Favorites: Shortcuts for popular locations such as Downloads and Desktop appear
in the Favorites list, and you can also add your own shortcuts here.
Libraries: Libraries are virtual folders that organize locations by the types of fi les
they contain. Double-click Libraries and then click through a category such as
Documents or Pictures.
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