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Specifying save options
There are two ways to access the Save options:
Choose File Options Save.
From the Save As dialog box, click Tools
Save Options.
The PowerPoint Options dialog box appears (Figure 21.11). Set any of the options you want
to set and click OK when you are fi nished.
FIGURE 21.11
Set save options to match the way you want PowerPoint to save your work.
Table 21.3 summarizes the save options. One of the most important features described in Table
21.3 is AutoRecover, which is turned on by default. This means if a system error or a power
outage causes PowerPoint to terminate unexpectedly, you do not lose all of your work. The
next time you start PowerPoint, it opens the recovered fi le and asks if you want to save it.
AutoRecover is not a substitute for saving your work the regular way. It does not save in the same sense that the Save
command does; it only saves a backup version as PowerPoint is running. If you quit PowerPoint normally, that backup
version is erased. The backup version is available for recovery only if PowerPoint terminates abnormally (because of a
system lockup or a power outage, for example).
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