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Creating New Slides
4. Click the down arrow to the right of Document Properties in the Document Panel,
and choose Advanced Properties. The Properties dialog box for the fi le appears.
5. Click the Summary tab, and confi rm or change any information there. This is
the same information that you entered in the Properties Ribbon, with the addition
of a couple of other fi elds, as shown in Figure 21.18.
FIGURE 21.18
The Summary tab has many of the same fi elds as the Ribbon.
6. Click the Custom tab, choose any additional fi elds you need, and set values for
them. For example, click the Client fi eld on the Name list, and type a value for it in
the Value text box. Repeat this for any of the other custom fi elds.
7. Review the information on the Statistics and Contents tab if desired. (You can’t
change that information.)
8. Click OK.
Now you can use the contents of the properties fi elds when performing a search.
Creating New Slides
Different templates start a presentation with different numbers and types of slides. A blank
presentation has only a single slide, and you must create any others that you want.
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