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Creating new slides from Outline view
There are several ways to create new slides. For example, you can type new text in the
outline and then promote it to slide status, or you can add slides with the New Slide button
that is on the Home tab. You can also copy existing slides, either within the same
presentation or from other sources. The following sections outline these procedures in more detail.
Creating new slides from Outline view
As discussed in Chapter 20, Outline view shows the text from the presentation’s slides in a
hierarchical tree, with the slide titles at the top level (the slide level) and the various
levels of bulleted lists on the slides displaying as subordinate levels. Text that you type in the
Outline pane appears on the slide, and vice versa, as shown in Figure 21.19.
FIGURE 21.19
When you type text into the Outline pane, it automatically appears on the current slide.
Same text appears
in Outline pane
and on the slide
Outline view doesn’t show all of the text in all cases; see “Creating Text Boxes Manually” later in this chapter to i nd
out why text in some text boxes does not appear in the outline.
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