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Copying slides from other presentations
Copying slides from other presentations
There are several ways to copy slides from other presentations. You can:
Open the presentation, save it under a different name, and then delete the slides
that you don’t want, leaving a new presentation with the desired slides ready for
Open two PowerPoint windows side-by-side and drag-and-drop slides between them.
Open two PowerPoint presentations, copy slides from one of them to the Clipboard
(Ctrl+C), and then paste them into the other presentation (Ctrl+V).
Use the Reuse Slides feature in PowerPoint, as described next.
To reuse slides from other presentations with the Reuse Slides feature, follow these steps:
1. On the Home tab in the Slides group, click the lower portion of the New Slide
button to open its menu.
2. Click Reuse Slides. The Reuse Slides pane appears at the right.
3. Click the Open a PowerPoint File hyperlink. Or, click the Browse button and then
click Browse File.
4. In the Browse dialog box, select the presentation from which you want to copy
slides, and click Open. Thumbnail images of the slides in the presentation appear
in the Reuse Slides pane, as shown in Figure 21.21.
FIGURE 21.21
Choose individual slides to copy to the current presentation.
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