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Inserting new slides from an outline
FIGURE 21.22
A Word document consisting mainly of plain paragraphs makes for an unattractive
Each paragraph flows
into a Title placeholder
on a separate slide.
Figure 21.22 is a prime example of what happens if you don’t prepare a document before
you import it into PowerPoint. PowerPoint makes each paragraph its own slide and puts all
of the text for each one in the title placeholder. It can’t tell which ones are actual headings
and which ones aren’t because there are no heading styles in use. The paragraphs are too
long to fi t on slides, and so they overrun their placeholders. Extra blank lines are
interpreted as blank slides. Quite a train wreck, isn’t it? Figure 21.22 also illustrates an
important point to remember: Regular paragraph text does not work very well in PowerPoint.
PowerPoint text is all about short, snappy bulleted lists and headings. The better that you
prepare the outline before importing it, the less cleanup you will need to do after
importing. Here are some tips:
Apply heading styles to the text that you want to import. Paragraphs formatted
using non-heading styles in Word do not import into PowerPoint unless you use no
heading styles at all in the document (as in Figure 21.22).
Stick with basic styles only in the outline: for example, just Heading 1,
Heading 2, and so on.
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