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Enhanced ScreenTips
Enhanced ScreenTips
Offi ce 2013 includes the enhanced ScreenTips feature. By default, the ScreenTips for the
Ribbon tools and many other screen elements include not just the item name but also a
feature description. Enhanced ScreenTips help you fi nd the right tool more quickly and reduce
the need to search for help.
A ScreenTip appears when you hover the mouse pointer over a Ribbon command or
other choice on the application interface. Figure 2.16 shows an example. Notice that the
ScreenTip includes a shortcut key combination for choosing the specifi ed item. You can
customize the ScreenTips by turning off the shortcut key display, turning off the feature
description for smaller ScreenTips, or turning off ScreenTips altogether in the Options
dialog box for the Offi ce program you’re using.
Enhanced ScreenTips include the name and description for a command or other tool.
Dialog boxes and launchers
To the right of some group names, a small box button with a diagonal arrow appears. This
button is a dialog box launcher . Clicking a dialog box launcher opens a dialog box with more
detailed options for the commands in the group. For example, if you click the dialog box
launcher for the Word Home tab’s Paragraph group, the Paragraph dialog box opens. Point
to any dialog box launcher to display a ScreenTip explaining what it does, as illustrated in
Figure 2.16 in the previous section.
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