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Rearranging slides
Rearranging slides
The best way to rearrange slides is to do so in Slide Sorter view. In this view, the slides in
your presentation appear in thumbnail view, and you can move them around on the screen
to different positions, just as you would manually rearrange pasted-up artwork on a table.
Although you can also do this from the Thumbnails pane in Normal view, you are able to see
fewer slides at once. As a result, it can be more challenging to move slides around, for
example, from one end of the presentation to another. To rearrange slides, use the following steps:
1. Switch to Slide Sorter view or Normal view.
2. Select the slide that you want to move. You can move multiple slides at once if
you like (which is a lot easier in Slide Sorter view than in Normal view).
3. Drag the selected slide to the new location. The slide moves as you drag, as
shown in Figure 21.27.
FIGURE 21.27
As you drag a slide, its new position is indicated by slides shifting in the view.
4. Release the mouse button. The slide moves to the new location.
You can also rearrange slides in Outline view. This is not quite as easy as using Slide Sorter
view, but it’s more versatile. Not only can you drag entire slides from place to place, but you
can also move individual bullets from one slide to another.
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