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Using Content Placeholders
Follow these steps to move content in Outline view:
1. Switch to Outline view.
2. Position the mouse pointer over the slide’s icon in the Outline pane. The mouse
pointer changes to a four-headed arrow.
3. Click on the icon. PowerPoint selects all of the text in that slide.
4. Drag the slide’s icon up or down to a new position in the outline and then
release the mouse button. All of the slide’s text moves with it to the new location.
There are also keyboard shortcuts for moving a slide up or down in the Outline pane that
may be faster than clicking the toolbar buttons. You can press the Alt+Shift+Up Arrow keys
to move a slide up, and the Alt+Shift+Down Arrow keys to move a slide down.
These shortcuts work equally well with single bullets from a slide. Just click to the left of a
single line to select it, instead of clicking the Slide icon in step 3.
Using Content Placeholders
Now that you know something about inserting and managing entire slides, let’s take a
closer look at the content within a slide. The default placeholder type is a multipurpose
content placeholder, as shown in Figure 21.28.
FIGURE 21.28
A content placeholder can contain a variety of different elements.
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