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Displaying and closing the tab
Most Offi ce applications gather the fi les you’ve most recently opened into a Recent
Documents list. (The list name changes depending on the application.) You can simply
display that list via the File tab, and click a fi le to open it. However, the Recent Documents
list updates itself based on the fi les you open. To ensure quick access to a particular
document, you can pin it to the Recent Documents list on the File
Open screen. To do that:
1. Click the File tab, and click Open at the left.
2. Move the mouse pointer over the fi le you want to pin until you see the
horizontal Pin this item to the list icon, shown in Figure 2.22.
Pinning a fi le in Recent Documents gives you fast access.
Click to
unpin the
Click to pin
the file
3. Click the Pin this item to the list icon. The fi le moves above the line separating
pinned and unpinned fi les, and the pin icon changes to a vertical Unpin this item
from the list icon.
Chapter 3 provides more information about using the File menu to open an existing fi le.
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