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Controlling the Ribbon Display
You will only see the Other Web Locations choice shown in the middle under Open in Figure 2.22 if you have
downloaded and opened an office document directly from a website. If needed you can click Other Web Locations and
then click a choice under Recent Folders to re-download the i le.
Controlling the Ribbon Display
You can choose whether or not to display the Ribbon in views other than Read Mode.
Figure 2.23 shows the Ribbon Display Options button, visible in certain working views in
Offi ce applications. Clicking it opens a menu of options for controlling Ribbon display.
Ribbon display options
Auto-hide Ribbon: Clicking this choice totally hides the Ribbon and displays three
dots near the upper-right corner of the screen instead. Click the three dots button
to redisplay the Ribbon temporarily. When you click back in the document, the
Ribbon hides itself again.
Show Tabs: Choosing this option collapses the Ribbon to a row of the tab names
only. Click a tab to see its command.
Show Tabs and Commands: Choose this option to return the Ribbon to its normal
You also can press Ctrl+F1 or click the arrow button at the lower-right corner of the Ribbon
to collapse and expand the Ribbon. Double-click a Ribbon tab to collapse and re-expand the
whole Ribbon. When the Ribbon is collapsed, you can click any tab once to turn it back on
temporarily. In that case, you’fill see a pin button at lower-right where the arrow previously
appeared. Clicking the pin button expands the Ribbon so that it stays on-screen.
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